Installing new windows can be a big investment, but it’s a great way to increase your home’s overall look and value. If you live or do business in Owings Mills, you know how important it is that your windows stay in good shape. Here at EC Roofing and Home Services, we have been taking care of window installation in Owings Mills since 1992. Contact us today at 410-455-9880 for your free consultation and quote.

When is the Right Time for New Window Installation?man installs window in owings mills

Knowing when to have your windows replaced is the first step in actually getting the job done. If your windows are riddled with drafts, made with a single pane of glass, or no longer functioning, then it’s probably time for some replacement windows. Our professional technicians will help you along every step of the way and never recommend window replacement if the problem can be fixed through a simple resealing or repair.

Once it has been decided that new windows are the way to go, you need to order your new windows through a licensed dealer like EC Roofing and Home Services. Modern vinyl windows come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can match the color scheme on your home no matter how unique it is.

Preparing for Window Installation

Once your new windows have been ordered, we will schedule your installation date. A window installation opens the inside of your house up for long periods, so it is best if you can schedule your installation during a more mild time of year. Spring and fall are great as these times won’t cause the inside of your home to get too hot or cold as it would during the summer or winter months. We offer additional services, including:

Now that your window installation is scheduled and the day is quickly approaching, it’s time to start prepping your old windows for removal. The first thing you want to do in preparing your home for a window installation is remove any blinds or curtains that are in the way. You should also move any other decorations that might be in the way of the window – this includes house plants, furniture, and wall decorations. Next, you need to make sure that the area around the window exterior is clear – this includes any outdoor furniture, grills, or children’s toys. After the area around the inside and outside of the window has been cleared of any interfering materials, you want to make sure there is an open walkway sufficient enough for the technicians to carry supplies in and out. This is also a good time to disable any security features you may have installed on the windows – including, but not limited to, magnetic contact sensors.

Installation Day

When the day comes for the new windows to be installed, the technicians will arrive early with your new windows in tow. Once they confirm that those are the correct windows you ordered, they will continue with the installation. At this point, our technicians are going to get set up by laying down any necessary protective cloth and setting up their tools. Depending on the size of the installation team, they will be removing and installing one window at a time. It is done this way to prevent any openings from having to be boarded up at the end of the day. If the installation can’t be completed in a single day, then our team will be back on the job the following day until your whole home is filled with new vinyl windows. 

Learn More About Window Installation in Owings Mills

If you have decided that it is time to replace the windows in your home, learn more about the available options best suited for your home. Contact EC Roofing at 410-455-9880, or contact us online for a free estimate in Owings Mills and the surrounding areas.