Roofing isn’t something you think about until there’s a problem. At EC Roofing, we want to ensure you have the help you need at all times. As a local roofing company, we’re here to help you if there’s an emergency and to provide you with the most innovative roofing technologies to improve your structure. If you are looking for a Catonsville roofing company that cares about the finished product, you can put your trust in us.

What Type of Roofing Service Do You Need?man installs a roof in catonsville

As a full-service provider of roofing Catonsville property owners can trust us to provide for all of their needs. We are committed to helping to ensure your roof keeps your home and family safe. Some of the services we can provide to you include:

Roof Repair: If your roof has leaks, missing shingles, loose flashing, or unexplained problems, repair services are available to help. We’ll inspect the roof, determine the cause of the problem, and offer viable solutions that can restore integrity. 

Roof Replacement: If the damage to the roof is significant or the roof is old and worn, we may recommend the use of roof replacement. This process will involve removing the existing roof, making repairs, and installing a new one. You can pick from a range of styles and materials that fit your home’s architecture and your tastes.

Re-Roofing Services: Homes that would benefit from a new roof but only have one layer present may be able to utilize re-roofing. This process allows us to add another layer of roofing over the top of an existing, stable layer. This is not ideal in some cases, but it can be less affordable to others.

Roof InspectionsAt least one time a year, make sure to have our Catonsville roofing company out for a full inspection of your roof. We can spot potential problems that can lead to costly repairs down the road if you don’t deal with them fast. 

Storm Damage? Let Our Catonsville Roofing Company Help

Our roofing company is happy to help you after a storm. An inspection is often the first step to determine if there is any damage. If a tree branch fell on your roof or lightning struck, it’s critical to have this inspection soon. In some situations, you may have holes that require tarping. Let our team provide those for you until we can make the repairs.

Our roofing company also works closely with your insurance company when applicable. This may include damage from storms, including hail damage. If you are unsure if your roof repair work is covered, let us provide you with more insight during a consultation. 

Your Roofing Catonsville Company – Why Use Us?

With years of experience and our goal of providing outstanding workmanship, you can depend on EC Roofing for any type of roofing needs you have. We handle it all from repairs to inspections and complete replacement. Expect top-notch service from us as well.

In addition to being your Catonsville roofing company, EC Roofing also offers other services to help you improve the structural integrity of your home. If it is time to do some updates, we are here to help you. Learn about all of the work we do, including:

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As a trusted roofing company, we recognize your need for an exceptional level of workmanship and competitive pricing for all of your roofing needs. Our Catonsville roofing company is committed to providing you with the best results possible for any needs you have. When it comes to roofing Catonsville residents can cause EC Roofing today for an estimate. Reach us at 410-455-9880 or connect with us online