If you prefer the appearance of wood siding but are concerned about the cost and maintenance of painting it every five years, consider installing fiber cement siding products. Maryland home and business owners can enjoy years of beautiful siding without the expense of frequent painting. Fiber cement sidings look and feel almost exactly like real wood, but without the hassle of regular maintenance.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?an example of fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of sand, cellulose fiber, and cement. The mixture is shaped to look almost identical to a wooden shingle. Fiber cement siding does not have natural defects that often occur in natural wood panels. They are also less likely to bend, warp, and crack than wood. Installation of fiber cement siding requires less maintenance than other siding options, but we still recommend having your siding professionally installed regardless of the materials used. Fiber cement siding is available in a variety of colors and–unlike real wood–can be customized to fit your home’s existing color scheme. 

How to Install Fiber Cement Siding

The process of installing the fiber cement siding is not complicated, but the steps must be implemented precisely. Make sure you wear protective gear and that your siding material is in good condition to start the installation process. Your prep work involves covering walls with plywood before marking the stud locations.

In the next step, you should cut the sidings to make sure that they fit the walls that are being sided. Make sure to use the right saws for each cut. We recommend jigsaws, circular saws, and shears.

Afterward, you need to fasten the siding. This can either be done through hand nailing or by using a pneumatic nailer. Use screws to hold the siding in place. After that, you can do the finishing and painting.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Maryland home and business owners will find a variety of advantages of installing fiber cement siding over traditional wooden shingles. Fiber cement siding can help you protect your Howard County in the following ways:

  • Protecting the wall from termite attacks
  • Protecting walls from decay
  • Resisting impact
  • Making your house safe due to fireproof properties

When you install fiber cement siding, you can expect the following benefits:


Unlike traditional wood shingles, fiber cement siding lasts for decades and will probably never need to be replaced.


Fiber cement siding has a permanent paint finish, it doesn’t rot, isn’t susceptible to termite infestations, and generally needs very little maintenance.


With fiber cement siding, Catonsville buildings have another defense against fire. This product is non-combustible and won’t burn like wooden shingles.


When you use fiber cement siding, Maryland homes and office buildings take on a sleek, uniform appearance.


Unlike vinyl siding colors, which are permanent, you can paint fiber cement sidings just like you can paint wood. This allows people to change the color of their home anytime they’d like.

Protecting the Outside of Your Home Is Your First Line of Defense

Your home’s siding and roof will certainly take a beating from our intense Maryland weather. Freezing and thawing temperatures, rain, sleet, snow, hail, wind, and sun can all damage the exterior of our homes. When the outside of a house is damaged, the interior is soon to follow. Be on the lookout for bent, ripped, or missing shingles and for metal flashing that has become warped, detached, or rusted. Some of the other services we offer here include:

Inspecting Your Roof and Siding

In addition to inspecting your roof and siding for any exterior damage, keep an eye on your walls and ceilings to check for water damage to the interior of your home. Keep in mind that visible water damage might be far from the actual location of a leak. If you want to get a closer look at the roof or upper portions of your siding, remember not to venture on a roof or a ladder if it has rained recently due to the increased likelihood of injuries due to falls. If you have any concerns about home inspection, contact EC Roofing to schedule a consultation to allow a contractor to check for ice in hard-to-reach places.

Explore House Siding Options with EC Roofing

If you are considering adding fiber cement siding to your home or office building, let EC Roofing show you the affordable and low-maintenance requirements of this unique product. We have more than 20 years of experience working with siding and other exterior construction products. Give us a call at 410.237.8046, or contact us online to schedule a consultation.