siding replacement toolsDo friends and neighbors comment on your house or say nothing at all? If you’re ready to give your house a facelift and improve energy efficiency, you need siding replacement services in Howard County, MD. Be proud of the house you live in.

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When Is the Right Time for Siding Replacement?

Knowing when to replace old siding can save your house from further damage and save your pocketbook from unnecessary expenses. Although siding replacement is needed when there is damage, it is also useful to spruce up your home’s look. If you’re tired of the way your house looks, there are many colors and options of siding to choose from.

Dry rot in or around the framework from the wood being exposed to moisture over an extended period of time is a sign you need siding replacement. The result is that you will have to repair your home’s framework and remove the dry-rotted areas. Once repaired, the new siding will keep your home protected and prevent further dry rot.

If you keep repainting your house, it means the siding is old and losing its resiliency. When you find yourself repainting your house every two to five years, then that is an indication that the siding is wearing down. A replacement of durable materials lets the siding retain its color and surface for several years.

Old siding becomes warped or rotted when continuously exposed to outside elements. This leads to a wide range of problems such as low-efficiency, lack of outside protection, and a lackluster design on your home’s exterior. Siding replacement is the only solution to this issue.

Increased heating or cooling costs can point to a few problems, one of which is worn or damaged siding. Once the siding is installed on your home, you should start to notice a decrease in your bills instantly. You will also have greater control of the climate inside your home.

Ask an expert whether or not a siding or window replacement will decrease your utility bill.

Types of Siding for Your Home

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding installation allows your home to look great and perform better. This most widely used option is affordable and aesthetically pleasing for your home. Many different styles are available using vinyl from straight board to cedar shake.

Cement Fiber

Cement fiber siding can create the appearance of natural wood without the maintenance. It is naturally bug, rot, and water-resistant. As with vinyl, there are many customizable options for color and style.

Metal Siding

Metal siding tends to lend a retro or modern style to a house. Common materials include aluminum and steel. This siding option does not mold or rot, and when sealed properly won’t rust or discolor.

Brick Siding

Brick siding is attractive and can last a lifetime when properly installed and maintained. With all of the different sizes and textures of genuine brick, you’re sure to find a siding you love.

Siding Replacement Services in Howard County, MD

If you need help deciding if it’s time for siding replacement or choosing the best options, contact EC Roofing & Home Services. With over 25 years of experience, our team offers the best advice and siding replacement services in Howard County, MD. They will help you choose the best siding for your home.

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