an off white example of Cement fiber siding in Baltimore MDBuilding a great home for your family comes with a lot of pleasure and happiness. Cement fiber siding and roofing installation and repair in Howard County, MD are two of the things that can be part of your plan when building a home. Apparently, you think much about the beautiful looks and the durability of the house. Therefore, a good building plan should involve a careful selection of the building, materials.

Talking about cement fiber siding installation, the face of your house walls comes to mind. The reason is that mostly the outside of the house requires a beautiful look. You will be surprised to discover that people focus more on the outside look of a house than the inside. Resultantly, the selection of excellent siding material is vital.

What is Cement Fiber Siding?

The cement fiber siding is a material meant to cover the outer side of a building in residential and commercial houses. The material keeps the wall strong, beautiful, durable, and simple to maintain.

What Are the Components of Cement Fiber Siding?

Cement fiber siding is not a single compound. In fact, it is a mixture of several materials which include:

  • Water
  • Fly ash
  • Wood pulp
  • Cement

In the mix, the water performs the work of dissolving the pulp and thus makes the cement hard. Additionally, the ash conducts the work of a filler while the pulp from wood contributes to the resilience and the flexibility of the cement fiber siding.

The cement is made from clay, limestone, and iron, making it one of the strongest for your walls.

What are the Benefits of Cement Fiber Siding for your Walls?

Cement fiber siding in Howard County, MD is very useful to your walls. Apart from making them appealing and durable, it also has other benefits such as:

  • Protecting the wall from termite attacks
  • Protecting walls from decay
  • Resisting impact
  • Making your house safe due to fireproof properties

Cement Fiber Siding Installation Process

The process of installing the cement fiber siding is not complicated. However, it requires that you keenly follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the siding.

When you have the material ready, think about your safety and the storage of the cement fiber siding. Ensure you have protective gear and that the siding material is in good condition to start the installation process.

Sequentially, do some prep work that involves covering walls with plywood before marking the stud location.

In the next step, you should cut the sidings to make sure that they fit the walls that are being sided. For you to do this without a hustle, ensure you use the right saws for all the cuttings. Therefore, you must have a jig and circular saws as well as shears.

Afterward, you need to fasten the siding. The activity can either be done through hand nailing or a pneumatic nailer. However, you can use screws to hold it in place. After that, you can do the finishing that might involve painting the siding.

Cement Fiber Siding in Howard County, MD

Well, although the process might seem simple, it is good to leave it to professionals. At least it assures you quality work. If you are looking forward to installing or repairing a siding for your house, think about roofing installation and repair as well.

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